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Vidor Escape Room

Where can you escape real life for one hour? Escape room in Vidor

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Megan : Ugh, this was so much fun! We are still kicking ourselves for the last clue 😩😂can’t wait to come tackle Dr. Monroe. Staff was super friendly, thorough, and helpful. Thank you for ending our 

anniversary weekend on such a fun note!

Donnie: This was my first escape room and it is 100% worth every penny. The theme is great..the puzzles and clues are well thought out..the entire experience is 1 of a kind. I cant wait to get a group together and give the other room a try.

Maverick: Calling this our first escape room as our first one we did was poorly organized and gave us such a bad 

experience we didn't try doing another for a whole year. This one was so good it got me excited to go do another one today. We came just short of finishing it but it was a blast. The experience was very immersive with the clue system they have in place. Very logical and not the same old lock and key system to get through it. Cant wait for the next room. I didn't take a picture and I am sorry but it really just because I don't like my picture being taken. In all, great experience, great people and the room was very fun to think through.

S J Willis: This was one of the better places I have been to. The rooms are incredibly thematic, the puzzles very intuitive, and the staff are very pleasant. I cannot wait for them to put out a new room!

Kristin: I brought my husband for his birthday and invited some friends. None of us have ever done an escape room before, and we had an awesome time. The details that went into this room are amazing! I think we are all hooked!

Khristian: Me and my husband went a week or so ago....the couple who own this are amazing. This has been one of our favorite escape rooms to go to and we have done a lot. The whole set up was great!! We will definitely be back.

Nick: Great sets with a nice feeling of doom (which is perfectly appropriate for a vampire’s lair!). Not too scary, but scary enough to make it a very good experience! It’s also great that the puzzles all worked!

Carrie: Loved it! The owners were incredibly nice and stayed late so my family could enjoy this attraction before my husband and son leaves to go out of town. We really enjoyed working together to try to escape. It's a great family activity. Thank you so much for adding something different to do for families other than movies, bowling, shopping,etc. It was nice visiting with the owners and you can tell how much they enjoy doing this and the haunted maze for the community as well. See yall at the maze of terror in October!

Michael: Great and challenging escape room! This is the 5th room that we have done in multiple cities. The owner was really great prepping us for the room and you could tell she loved her job. We were a group of six but I think 8 people would be able to play the game comfortably. More than that could be a bit crowded. The Vampire Room is a cool 2nd generation room that was VERY challenging.  This room is perfect for someone who has completed rooms before but I wouldn't suggest it for a first timer. They are opening another room soon and we will be back. The vampire room was fun and we got out with 1 minute to spare!!!!!!

Kim: This is the best escape room I've been to yet!  The owners were super nice, everything was decorated perfectly with some surprises and it was very well thought out and a great challenge!  I tell everyone who's interested in doing an escape room to be sure to do the one in Vidor!  I can't wait until their second room opens so we can go back! Btw, we escaped with about 30 seconds left lol

Heather: We didn't escape, but our group had a great time. The host was very friendly and visited while we waited on people to show up. Highly recommended if you like a fun challenge!

Ashley: This was our first time to check out the Escape room and it was so much fun! The owners were super friendly and put a lot of thought and work into this. You can tell they love what they do! This is perfect for a couples date night, as we did! Fun fun fun!!

Heather: We loved it!  8 of us working as a team, a little spooky not scary and you have to try the Vampire's lair!  We were shocked at how cool some of the clues opened intricate locks to more clues! Very well put together and thought out.

Nathaniel: Awesome room! Don't let the outside of the building fool you, the room was very well put together and a lot of fun. We travel and have played a lot of rooms, this room was one of the better ones we have experienced. The vampire room is creepy but not scary. The owners were great hosts and very friendly. Thanks for a great time!